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Happy Sunday lovelies!

I feel like the week has passed by so quickly again. I mean, how can it be Sunday again?!

Well, anyways… I hope you have been enjoying your weekend so far and I guess are ready to start all energized into the next one.

And of course, my Sundays would not be the same, if I was not sharing my weekly fashion inspiration with you guys (I mean just in case you are already wracking your heads about what to wear next week 😉).

Today’s look is definitely a little more “classical” I want to say.

I feel like my style changes depending on my mood and on how I feel. I believe I have mentioned it before, to me fashion is a way of expressing yourself. And in one way or another, it is some sort of a business card as well. The way you dress is how people perceive you (at least on first glance). Therefore I think, “why not show all the facets of my personality with the means of my stylings?”

In addition, I believe it is important to try out new things, because you never know. What might have not looked well then does not have to look bad on you now. I mean, if we are honest fashion keeps re-evolving each season, why shouldn’t we?

At the end of the day, all that matters is that you feel good in whatever you are wearing.

This is exactly how I felt in this outfit, which I feel, is an amazing city look.

Right the second when I saw these super cool paper bag trousers by Gr[8]ful I was already convinced.

On that note: paper bag pants are currently really trendy, no matter what color or cloth, you cannot do anything wrong with them 😉.

I love the flared trousers legs and the beige color on this particular model by Gr[8]ful. The fixed cuffs at the bottom, as well as the waist belt add nice details to these trousers. However, I feel like the best feature here is that the pants are nicely combinable with, a simple shirt, t-shirt or like I styled it, with a lovely blouse.

The striped blouse that I styled with the paper bag pants has a wrap-around optic, due to the knot in the front. Nevertheless, the clue here is that you can knot it either at the front or in the back. This lovely blouse by Gr[8]ful is a perfect piece for everyday use while still being sophisticated thanks to so much attention to details. For instance, it also has a little cut out at the back and the cuffs are embellished with decorative stones. It will also look gorgeous with a nice pair of jeans of even a cute pencil skirt.

In order to complete my look, I combined it with a cute little fringed bag by the Italian brand Amma Mode and black sandals by Tony Bianco.

The Italian based brand Amma Mode creates amazingly sophisticated accessories. This cute fringed leather bag matched nicely to the rest of my look without overloading it.

Even though you cannot really fit a lot in it, it definitely makes a great companion, especially for a nice evening look 😉.

I hope I was able to inspire you with this lovely city look and that you enjoyed reading my blog. I wish you all a lovely Sunday 😊.

Until next Tuesday, on!

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