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Hello again lovelies!

Question: how often do you daily end up in a situation where literally the best solution is to simply “stay cool”?

I have learned the hard way that sometimes it is just not worth it to upset yourself because things do not go the way you have planned or imagined. At some point I started to ask myself, is it really worth all the anger and waist of energy?I finally accepted that sometimes you cannot do anything about it and the best way to handle situations like that is to “Stay cool”. This statement shirt is part of a joint collection by LOOKABE x Blondwalk. In fact, it is from our first collection which we launched last year 😊.In the meantime, and because you guys loved our first collection so much we launched our second line in March. You can check out the entire collection on in the section “Lookabe” or directly on 😉. For today’s look, I have styled the “Stay cool” t-shirt (btw, it is made of 100% organic cotton and a fair trade product) with a super stylish denim skirt by GRLFRND.If you ask me, this brand simply has the coolest denim shorts, pants and skirts. Thanks to the slightly flared cut as well as the vent in the front, this piece of fashion is a real highlight piece.And by the way, denim skirts are experiencing a revival right now, so no matter if short or long, light or dark blue, you cannot do anything wrong wearing a denim skirt this season 😉.I have found my light-blue denim skirt by GRLFRND on I combined a gorgeous knitted purse by Lulu Bags to my casual-chic look and white lace leather sandals with cute bows on the sides of the ankles by Stella Luna.These cuties were a prey during one of my stays in Paris for fashion week when I strolled through Gallery Lafayette. And what can I say, I fell in love with this cool design the second I saw them.FYI, soon enough it will be time again to go visit the capital of love and fashion 😉 and I truly look forward to it. I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and that I was able to inspire you again with today’s look. I would be thrilled if you tune back in on Sunday to see what I have planned next for you on!

On that note: remember to “Stay cool” 😉

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