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Hi there, my name is Gitta – mother of a son, blogger and stylist.


Besides my family, the most important part in my life is fashion. It has already accompanied me as a little child and shaped my life growing up.

Influenced by my mother – who owned a fashion boutique – one of my childhood dreams was to become a fashion designer.

After my school education, I was able to travel and live in several different countries where I so fortunate to learn more about foreign cultures and meet lovely, inspiring people. Naturally, fashion was always a loyal companion and my personal source for inspiration, which it is still until this day. 

I worked in various areas of the fashion industry – as a model, an independent boutique owner, and also in showrooms.

Since 2015, I’ve been working with great passion on my fashion blog.


Personally, I believe that fashion is a statement. By its versatility it enables you to express yourself and who you are. The beauty of it - you can reflect the different roles that we impersonate on a daily basis in a very unique and creative manner.


To me, Blondwalk is like a personal diary, through which I can share my style, show how I feel, who I am and how I develop myself.

And this is what I want to share with you! 

We all need a little help to make up our minds sometimes when we are out shopping for a new look, or need some advice when trying on a piece to see how it fits, or even just a little inspiration how to combine things in a stunning manner. By sharing my looks on Blondwalk I hope that I can share some inspiration and maybe even encourage you to try out something completely new.


Welcome to my world of fashion, welcome to Blondwalk! 

Enjoy – and now it’s time to dive in!






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