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Good morning lovelies!

While you might be reading today’s blog entry I am already on my way (or maybe I have already arrived, depending on what time you tuned in 😉 ) to Berlin. As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, it is again time for the fashion week! So, in the upcoming weeks I will be featuring the looks that I have been wearing here during my stay and I hope you will like them.

The look that I would like to share with you today however, contains a stunning dress by the lovely Italian designer Elisabetta Franchi, which I have found at Luxefashion 2 in Cologne.

On this note: for all of you that live in the Cologne area, make sure you go check it out! They have a great selection of absolutely amazing fashion pieces for many occasions. And for those that live too far away, no need to be upset 😉 they have an online shop as well!

This amazing mini dress with pearls is just perfect for a great summer night. The cocktail dress by Elisabetta Franchi features two rows of pearls running along the sleeves, which create a small slit. The deeper vent on the sleeves add another sophisticated detail to this dress.

I completed my look with nacreous-white “So Kate” pumps by Christian Louboutin, which nicely underlined the elegant, but seductive dress.

When I looked at the pictures of this photo shooting, I could not help it but to think about weddings. Even though I try to keep my private life to myself, it is no secret that I am not married. So, I kind of started thinking about this topic a little deeper and realized that I was probably not ready to commit until this day. Not because I was afraid of responsibilities or everything that comes along with it, but I guess more of the thought of committing to one person, not knowing if there might be someone else with whom I would share a much deeper connection.

On top of that a person who is really dear to me said something recently that struck me pretty deep as well. They said: “There are moments in life that you should be able to freeze up”. Meaning incredibly beautiful moments that you should always be able to remember, cherish and derive from.

My parents and my son gave me many of those moments that I am truly thankful for. And not to mention all of you guys! All the support and love I am receiving motivates me every single day and I am truly grateful for that.

On that note, I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and that I was able to inspire you again.

Tune back in for the next fashion inspiration this Tuesday on and join me on my Instagram Stories during Berlin fashion week 😉.

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