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Good morning my dear ones!

How are you handling the heat waves? At least that is what we have been going through here in Germany.

And as my line of work requires me to do a lot outside, I decided to slow it down a notch the past couple of days, as it was just unbearable outside. Isn’t it stunning how your body simply functions to a certain point? I realized it when I slowed down my usual pace and literally felt how my body needed the break.

When I first started my blog a couple of years ago, I would have never imagined what kind of dimensions it would grow into. Naturally, I am aware that all beginnings are hard and that you need to put a lot of effort and energy into anything you want to be successful at. Don’t get me wrong, I love what I do and I am willing to give it my all, nevertheless, breaks here and there are necessary to regenerate 😉.

In my case, I am planning to do that pretty soon, as in a few weeks the fashion craziness starts again with the fashion shows in Milan and Paris! I really look forward to it, as it will also be our first time to attend Milan fashion week. However, whenever we have these kinds of events ahead of us, it means we have to plan and prepare everything ahead.

The look that I would like to share with you today was also one that I was wearing during the past Berlin fashion week.

I have to admit; at first, I was not quite sure if this evening dress would be the right choice for me, as it was a little bit radiant. I guess, this is also proof that just because I am considered to be a fashion blogger I am not always 100 percent sure about my styles.

Anyway, all my doubts faded away after I slipped into this gorgeous dress by Dawid Tomaszewski.

The navy blue dress does not only convince with its amazing cut, but also with its elaborate applications. The red cloth strip adds a nice accentuation to this marvelous dress and at the same time, it matched perfectly with the red “Pigalle” high heels by Christian Louboutin, which I combined it with.

I deliberately decided not to wear more accessories, as I wanted to keep the focus completely on this beautiful dress, which will certainly put you in the spotlight at any event.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog post and that I was able to inspire you with this gorgeous look again. Thank you for tuning in today! More fashion inspiration will follow next Thursday, on!

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