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Hello my dear ones!

Even though I have lately been showing you looks, which I wore during the past fashion weeks, I just had to squeeze in that particular one that we shot last week.

Do you know that feeling, when you see something, then you start craving it; and you just need to have it, no matter what?

That is how I felt in July, during Marcel Ostertag’s presentation of his new collection.

First of all, the fashion show took place at a stunning venue – the rooftop terrace of a 5 star hotel in Berlin. This venue alone was already breathtaking!However, then we had the honor to meet the very talented, young designer personally, right before the show started.

Honestly, that was when my mind was blown away! One outfit more gorgeous than the other 😍.

The entire collection is a fusion of feminine elegance and extravagant designs. This particular “dream of silk” was one of the looks I fell in love with. Each and every piece is made with so much love and attention to details.

I could literally feel the sensitiveness for women and fashion through every single look. Here, I am wearing a two-piece suit in crème-white with light grey printed pattern, which radiates an incredible flair of femininity and elegance. The blazer comes with a waist-belt, which allows you to highlight your feminine curves.

In order to keep the focus on the suit, I wore a simple white t-shirt from Zara. The two-piece suit by Marcel Ostertag is made of fine silk, and feels incredibly soft on your skin. Furthermore, the flared design of the trousers has two great effects.

First of all, they will make your legs look longer (especially in combination with some cute heels) and your hips will also look smaller.

My accessories for this look are some white leather pumps by Vetements, a khaki canvas Saddle bag by Dior and my new statement eye wear is also by Dior.The “Colour Quake 1” by Dior comes in a squared design and colored lenses. In fact, there are so many pretty colors available that the choice was not easy at all.

However, at the end of the day, I decided to get yellow ones 😊.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog and that I was able to inspire you with this gorgeous outfit again.

Stay tuned for more fashion inspiration to come, on!

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