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Good morning my dear ones!

From all black back to colorful power 😊.

I think the best way to describe today’s look is colorful and playful.

As I have mentioned in my previous blogpost, I was looking for some summer dresses and this was another one of my recent preys.

I found this cute light-blue dress with floral print by Vila on and it ended up in my online chart within seconds.

The gorgeous dress by the Danish label does not only convince with its sophisticated design, but also with the attention to details, such as the high neck, the long sleeves and the black button front. Thanks to its loose fit, it is a perfect, fashionable piece to wear for the summer.

As I wanted to keep my look more casual, I decided to wear the cute dress with soft pink and white sneakers by Nike. You have no idea how hard it was to find these sneakers online after their release date. The M2K Tekno model in my size was sold out with minutes everywhere I looked. However, I guess stubbornness paid off in this case, as I was successful after five hours of web browsing 😊. And I can absolutely say it was well worth it!

Matching the sneakers, I decided to combine with a cute “Nile” bag by Chloé to my look. The bag and sneakers harmonized perfectly and created a great contrast to the dress. I cannot tell you how comfortable I felt wearing this outfit. Not only is it trendy and cool, but it is also extremely comfortable to wear.

I wish you all a lovely day and hope I was able to inspire you again with today’s look. Tune back in on Thursday for more great outfits on!

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