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JUNE 21.2017






Hello my dear ones!

Honestly, I don’t even know where to start today. Should I start with my outfit, or the events of that day?

Who of you has a coffee addiction like me? Those of you who do know what I’m referring to… That feeling in the morning when all you can think of (that’s if you can think at all early in the morning) is a hot, fresh brewed cup of coffee. Your brain just feels mushy and maybe you are even a little grumpy…

Anyway, that’s how it feels for me in the morning without my Espresso.

I had to wake up extra early that day for a photo shooting and some meetings in Cologne. And I can tell you this, it wasn’t easy to find a Café that was open on public holiday Sunday morning.

So, you can imagine the joy I felt when we found one! And I was even happier when I discovered they had my favorite type of cake – Tarte au Citron

After that delicious refreshment in the morning I was charged for the photo shooting.

This look was super casual and comfy. I combined jeans by R13 with a super cool blouse from Zara, which is from their current collection.

And as I knew I had to walk a lot, I decided to wear flats . The red sandals by Balenciaga matched nicely with my look and are very comfortable to wear.

Of course, high heels would’ve looked great with this style as well, but let’s be honest here, how much can you actually walk in heels??

I might be able to do like 3 km or so, but that’s it and I think I speak for all of us when I say at some point you just reach your limit.

Now back to my look…

Underneath the stylish blouse I am wearing a strapless, backless bra from Kissbobo. I really think it’s a great piece to have, especially because I am sure we all have a couple of pieces in our wardrobes that just don’t work with regular bras. This one gives you great cleavage as well.

And to complete my look, I am wearing my personalized red Mia Bag which is a great eyecatcher.

After the photo shooting we had a meeting scheduled with the lovely TV host Annett Moeller. Not only was it a great pleasure to meet her, but we also had a great time together discussing a little project we have in the pipeline for you ladies . So stay tuned to learn more about it soon!

I hope I was able to inspire you with this casual, but stylish look again and that you enjoyed reading my blog!

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