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Good morning my dear ones!

I wore this dress as one of my first outfits during the past Fashion Week in Berlin, and what can I say, I just love it!

On that note, let me share this with you guys, our arrival to Berlin was pretty stressful, as we drove all the way up there, because I simply had soooo many different outfits as part of my wardrobe that taking an airplane would not have made much sense.

Usually the trip would have taken us approximately five hours however, on our arrival day it took us almost nine, due to a lot of traffic jams and closed highways.

However, at the end of a really long drive we finally arrived in the evening at our beautiful hotel, and when we were welcomed by the incredibly nice staff of Hotel Zoo Berlin, we instantly forgot about the exhausting journey we just had gone through.

Just by walking into the lobby I fell in love with all the beautiful and stylish interior design and the sweet attention to details. And of course, I had to share everything with my followers immediately 😉, so naturally I had my cellphone in my hand and took pictures the minute I walked in the Hotel. And to be honest, I could not tell you what I liked most, the beautiful massive brown door right in the lobby or the very charming fireplace which was decorated so beautifully with flower arrangements and candles right across from it.

After we checked-in and took the elevator up (nice little paparazzi camera flashlights surprise you on your way up) to our rooms to change, we of course paid a visit to the legendary Grace Bar inside the hotel. A few days later we also got to go up to the hotel’s rooftop bar and let me just say this, the view from up there is just breathtaking. Can you think of anything better than to enjoy a delicious cocktail over the roofs of Berlin on a beautiful summer evening?

At this point, I would also like to extent a very large thank you to the amazing staff of Hotel Zoo Berlin, who have made our stay there more than pleasant. Everyone was very polite and helpful to an extraordinary extent and it will certainly not be the last time for us to stay there.

Now let’s get back to my outfit…

I was wearing an amazing dress by my dear friend and Berlin based designer Dawid Tomaszewski. It is wonderfully draped and the patterns have a typical recognition value for being from one of Dawid’s collections. I truly fell in love with it right when I saw it and if I am completely honest with you, I did not want to take it off anymore.

Underneath the dress I was wearing a white statement t-shirt by LOOKABE and jeans from Dsquared.

Now I have a question for you guys… How do you like my sandals?

I snatched these little beauties on and I was soooo happy that I was able to find a pair in my size! These black studded leather web sandals by Alexander Wang have been on my shopping wish list for a really long time.

And in order to complete my look, I decided to wear a black Chanel Boy bag, which nicely matched with the sandals and of course my favorite pair of sunnies, the round metal by Ray Ban.

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