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Ohh what a day…

I had a photo shooting for several outfits scheduled today and oh my, it was such a blast! Yasmin -my partner in crime :-) and I always laugh a lot when we work together. Whether it is for my clumsiness, or just funny things that happen around us.

But First Things First…

As Yasmin and I are always trying to find new ways to improve ourselves, we got us some new equipment for our photo shootings, which got into work for this shooting for the very first time (I really hope you guys like the results that you are seeing).

So, you know how you always have to get used to new things, and adjust and learn… so had we! This new equipment that we are using now is so heavy that I might have to get my poor Yasmin some wrist braces or soon she will end up needing appointments with a physical therapist :-)))))).

I was constantly asking her if she was doing alright, because I couldn’t even see her face behind that massive camera anymore :-)))). However, her answer was always “all good Gitta”.

Today’s look

I am wearing a wonderful dark-blue dress by Minusey. This shirt dress has a lovely cut, as it is nicely figure hugging at the bottom, but fits like a shirt at the top. I also really like that this dress has a high amount of elasticity, so it adjusts nicely to your curves.

Dresses with this particular cut are not only very sexy, but they are also very elegant and cool at the same time.

My Accessories

You might have recognized the cute little bamboo bag, which is also by Minusey (

And now let us get to my current highlight . These stunning heels by Brian Atwood are simply iconic. I honestly cannot think of any other shoe that I have seen (in so many different colors) that leaves you speechless like this beautiful piece. If I could I would get them in all possible colors that are available! These particular sandals by Brian Atwood (Yuna) are detailed with braided straps of super soft leather and finished with some cute and playful fringed pompoms.

I believe that these beauties are unfortunately currently sold out, but do not give up and stay attentive to get a chance to get your hands on them.

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