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I discovered this quite little dress through a friend (@silksofine) on Instagram. She had posted it on her Insta-Story and when I saw it I fell for it right away. Instantly I had to call her to ask where she got it form and once we hung up the phone I ordered it immediately.

On this note, thank you for the inspiration my dear!

I was meeting with some of my girlfriends that day for brunch, as we had something to celebrate and I thought this was the perfect dress for this event. It is somehow girly and a little ceremonial at the same time.

I combined the dress with my absolute favorite pumps by Sophia Webster and a Chanel bag.

The Le Specs sunnies that I am wearing are currently my favorite ones as they look so sophisticated.

It turned out that I’ve made the right choice concerning my outfit. My friends were so stunned by this cute little dress that they asked my right away where they could get it from. In fact, one of them couldn’t even wait and went online right away to order it.

It made me smile and somehow I started to think “what would we have done back in the day when online shops didn’t exist?” Would we have interrupted our brunch and went straight for a shopping tour? Or would we have waited impatiently until the brunch was over and then go a dress hunt?

However, thanks to our modern technology, the Internet, online shops and apps we don’t have to bother with these types of thoughts and we can easily satisfy our shopping needs :-).

So, on this note: thank you for all the great shopping websites that make our lives so much easier and prevent friends from leaving a brunch in order to find a dress they desire to have!

And speaking of online shops and shopping websites, soon I will tell you about my favorite ones and I will show you what’s on my personal shopping wish list.

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