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Hello again!

You have no idea how long I have been waiting to finally present today’s stunning look to you guys. Okay, fine, I will share my secret with you… We had photographed this look already this past July 😁!

However, as this is an absolute fall / winter look I thought it wasn’t really appropriate to share it with you guys back then.

Nevertheless, I have to admit… patience isn’t really one of my strengths… that’s why a couple of images slipped on my Instagram account here and there 😂.

But finally, finally, finally, the day has come and I can share this amazing autumn / knit look with you guys!

I’m going to be very honest here now, I’m certainly not a big fan of the winter, let alone cold weather. I don’t like being cold at all and I believe there is a reason why people speak of “winter depression”. I mean, how are you supposed to be in a good mood when it’s freezing outside, it gets dark early and it’s either raining or snowing?!?

However, wouldn’t you agree that this type of season also allows you to wear the most stunning looks out of the entire year??? I guess fashion is really the only good reason why I can look forward to this season.

I mean, just think of all the lovely coats and sweater that you can finally take out of your wardrobe again! And the sweetest thing about this time of the year (in terms of fashion we are speaking now) is that you can create so many beautiful layering looks 😍!

This particular one by Agnona, is truly one of my favorites!

First of all, the colors; nude and grey are separately already lovely colors to wear. However, combined they account to such a classy appearance.

You might have noticed by now that I am a big fan of casual-chic styles, which is probably why I am so in love with this total Agnona look.

The long wool blend, side slit skirt and the cashmere, oversize roll neck slit jumper feel incredibly soft on your skin and the sophisticated designs make those pieces look so elegant, but casual at the same time.

The amazing two-colored cashmere, medi-length coat with waist belt added a nice contrast to the rest of the look.

Personally, I would say, the highlight piece of this look are the super stylish, embroidered stripe sneakers from the Agnona collection, which I deliberately chose to combine this look with.

What can I say, I felt so comfortable in this look and let’s be real here, the more comfortable you feel in what you are wearing, the more self-confidence you radiate.

Finally, and so to speak the icing on the cake, I completed this lovely fall look with a cute joy calf and grainy calf, rose wood clutch by Agnona. This cute purse has a nice grip and fits every woman’s essentials.

I hope you enjoyed this amazing fall look as much as I did and I can’t wait to share more incredible styles with you on my blog! Thanks for “stepping” by and for reading my blog!

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